CCYBA Volunteer Clearance Policy

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UpdatedTuesday August 4, 2020 byCCYBA.

CCYBA Volunteer Clearance Policy

CCYBA takes the safety of our players and families very seriously. Ensuring the league is in compliance with PA state laws and our Babe Ruth/Ripken charter regarding volunteer background checks is an important part of our commitment to player safety.

Individuals wishing to coach will be required to complete the necessary background checks prior to the start of practices. Only individuals who have valid certification can participate in practices or be in the dugouts during games.

If you think you may need to pull in a back-up coach beyond your three assistants, please have those individuals also complete the required checks.

To be very clear –

Until the registration coordinator has verified your certifications you CANNOT participate in a practice, scrimmage, game, or any other team activity. CCYBA cannot excuse coaches from these requirements and will hold coaches accountable for completing these processes.

Knowingly allowing someone to participate without these certifications is a class 3 misdemeanor. Therefore, CCYBA cannot make exceptions regardless of your past coaching experience with CCYBA or any other organization.

How-To & FAQ

To help make sure everyone can provide what’s required as easily as possible, here are the key parts of the process, as well as some common questions. You can also reach out to the registration coordinator with questions or to see if your certificates are already on file with CCYBA.

1. Where do I go to submit my applications for the state clearances?

Click here to start a free PA State Clearance application via the epatch website. You can download a help guide at the bottom of this page.

Click here to start a free PA Child Abuse Clearance application via the DHS website. You can download a help guide at the bottom of this page.

Click here to visit the DHS website to start an FBI Fingerprint-based application. You’ll be using the service code for a DHS Volunteer applicant type.

An FBI check is only required if you have lived in PA for less than 10 consecutive years. If you have lived in PA for the past 10 consecutive years, you need only complete an Act 15 FBI Clearance Exception. You can download the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Do I need to send my certificates directly to a league representative?

Yes. All clearances must be received and acknowledged by the registration coordinator in order for you to begin participating in team activities. Certificates should be sent as PDF files or hard copies. We will not accept photos of your certificates.

3. How long are my clearances valid?

PA State Clearances are valid for five years from the date they are acquired. Babe Ruth also requires you to complete a National check every 2 years and to pass a Child Abuse training.  You can download a help guide at the bottom of this page.

4. What if I have clearance certificates obtained for another purpose?

So long as the PA clearances are dated within the five year limit, these certificates can be submitted to CCYBA.  Alternate certifications/trainings can't be substituted for the Babe Ruth Requirements (National Check and Child Abuse Training).

5. What if I'm arrested for or convicted of an offense after I complete my certification?

If you are arrested for or convicted of any offense that negates your eligibility under PA's Act 15 policy, you must notify the league in writing within 72 hours. 

For more information on PA state requirements, visit


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