GoFundMe Campaign for CCYBA

Help us spread the word

UpdatedTuesday March 27, 2018 byCassandra Crawford.

As you may know, CCYBA was the victim of a string of break-ins last fall. The amount of damage done to our tractor shed and Wert fieldhouse was unbelievable. 

While insurance is covering some of the damage, it won't cover everything fully. This leaves us without working tractors and unable to purchase new items, such as team bats and catchers gear.

To help make up for what the insurance won't cover we've started a GoFundMe page. The money we raise will replace our out of pocket costs, purchase new team equipment, and get all of our other equipment back in working order.

We're asking our families to please share the link to our GoFundMe campaign with friends and family. Post it on your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Basically, get the word out any way you can think of!


Thank you for your continued help and support in making CCYBA a great place to play ball!